Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 5 "Fun with Depth of Field"

Ok, so in addition to pet photography I enjoy going out and taking pictures of Paintball games.  Its super fast paced and you can catch lots of action.  And if you are really lucky you get the always sought after splat shot, the shot you get right as the paintball hits the player and breaks....this isnt one of those....LOL

If you are a player, and want your picture taken on the field or off, mirrored lenses are a camera magnet, nothing cooler than a picture of a player, gun up, looking down the field and you get a reflection in the lenses of his mask.  Awesome!

I also like the candid stuff you can get on the sidelines like the shot below, this is a picture of Chris Powell, he is also a Paintball Photographer.  He was loading paint between games and I like the way the Depth of field is super shallow behind him, yet the reflection in his mask seems to go on forever.  Really cool.

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Nikon D300s
Sigma 70-200
ISO 200

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