Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 25 "The Barn" Final

Ok so after I added my final texture layer I merged everything down so it was a little more compressed size wise.  I also decided it was a tad to dark so I went back in and brightened it up, just a touch.  I also desaturated it just a hair, I like that for an old faded type of look, I think it can bring out a lot in an image.

Here is the final image:

There Chris, a new picture you havent seen before!  LOL

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this series!!


  1. Yep, I enjoyed it. Thanks for writing it. Are you looking for opinions at all or would you rather we just keep our opinions to ourselves? LOL! Somedays I like opinions on my photography and other days I do not:)

  2. Sure feel free to comment on anything at anytime. I am always willing to hear advice.

  3. Ok, great! At first I thought I liked the Part 4 picture better than the final product. But then the more I looked at it, I realized that I do like the final layer you put on it, but it makes the barn really dark. I feel like if you lightened up just the barn, it would draw the eye over to the barn initially and really let the viewer appreciate it. And then after that, the viewer could explore the other details of the picture that are darker.

    I appreciate you writing this series. I always enjoy reading the process that others go through to get their final product.