Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 13 "Lonely Barn"

Ok so I promised something different and here you go!  

I shot this last winter in Plain City.  I liked the feel of the abandoned barn on the side of the road.  The textures of the wood also was really cool.  I decided to add a small texture layer as well and think it came our pretty cool.

Nikon D70s
Nikor 17-70
ISO 200


  1. I like this picture and I like the texture overlay. I'd love to see a before and after if you're up for it so I can see what it looked like without the texture. But I understand if you'd prefer not to.

  2. I will be happy to post a before picture. I just have to find it first. Let me look around tonight.

  3. Good choice on the texture, it really adds that "pop" to the image wich makes it outstanding.